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Nano Frontier is an international journal for publication of frontier research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The journal cover all research advances at nanoscale.

The journal publishes short communications, research articles and review articles. It also publish NanoSight, a novel featured short articles covering a specific area of nanoscience research.

NanoScience Communications

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NanoScience Communications

NanoScience Communications publishes research advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. NanoScience Communications is an international journal for publication of peer-reviewed research articles on all aspects of nanoscale science, engineering and technology dealing with chemistry of materials, materials synthesis, nano processing, nanofabrication, nanoprobes, spectroscopic characterization, properties and applications of functional materials and devices. The journal provides a rapid forum to publish advanced research from nanoscience and nanotechnology. It publishes original research articles, short communications, review articles and nano-sights. Nanosights are novel short articles that brief about the advances on specific topic from nanoscience and nanotechnology. Research scholars (particularly Ph.D. students are encouraged to publish nanosight articles).

Five selected articles in Medicinal Chemistry / Biomedical Sciences

Editor’s pick

Selected articles in Medicinal Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences Section

Download the Endnote library for Med Chem and Biomed articles (click to download).

Toxic Metals: Health Effects, and Therapeutic Measures
Swaran J.S. Flora
J Biomed Ther Sc 2014 1(1), 48-64 Cite Download Citation

Toxic metals and their remedy

Comparative global epidemiology of HIV infections and status of current progress in treatment
J. Singh, B.S. Chhikara
Chem Biol Lett, 2014, 1(1), 14-32 Cite Download Citation

Status of HIV infections

3D-QSAR and molecular docking studies of ATP-competitive Akt inhibitors with the scaffold 4-(piperazin-1-yl)pyrimidine
Xie Wencheng, Zhang Linna, Yin Yanzhen, Yang Dezhi, Zhao Guisen
Chem Biol Lett, 2014, 1(2), 44-54 Cite Download Citation

Molecular docking of kinase inhibitors

Recent advances in PET imaging of folate receptor positive diseases
Qingshou Chen, Ping Wang, Philip S Low, Sumith A Kularatne
Chem Biol Lett, 2014, 1(2), 55-65 Cite Download Citation

Positron Imaging of folate receptors

Perspectivity of bifunctional chelating agents in chemical, biological and biomedical applications
Bhupender S. Chhikara, Sumit Kumar, Nidhi Jain, Anil Kumar, Rajiv Kumar
Chem Biol Lett, 2014, 1(2), 77-103 Cite Download Citation

BFCAs Bifunctional chelating agents and their applications

Chemical Biology Impact Factor

Impact factor of Chemical Biology Journals

ACS Chemical Biology
(Publisher American Chemical Society, USA IF 2012: 5.44)
Nature Chemical Biology
(Publisher Nature Publishing IF 2012:
Current opinions in Chemical Biology
(Publisher Elsevier IF 2012: 9.47
Journal of Chemical Biology
(Publisher Springer IF 2012: ??)
Chemical Biology Letters
(Publisher Integrated Science IF(GS): 2.66)
BMC Chemical Biology
(Publisher Biomed Central IF: 2)
Current Chemical Biology
(Publisher Bentham Science IF: )
Chemical Biology & Drug Design
(Publisher Wiley IF: 2.46 )

Publish conference proceedings in journal

Welcome your conference delegates by a Journal (with ISSN no.) containing abstracts of your conference presentations.

Conference organizers or conveners can publish proceedings of their conferences (i.e. abstract of presentations) in Journal of Integrated Science and Technology. Journal is having ISSN number and indexed in science databases. Details about journal is available on this link . This journal is suited for covering the conferences from all sub-disciplines of Sciences, Technology, Medical and Engineering.

How to

Step 1. Organizer / convener should inform the editorial office about their willingness to get publish proceedings of conference (use contact us link above or journal site).
You will get a reply within 24-48 hours of receiving of your email.

Step 2. Conveners should collect the abstract from presenters in the word file.
The abstracts can be published in either of below format:
a) All abstracts together in a single file (this is most common format). All the abstracts should be collected in single word file and submit to journal. A general template for abstracts can downloaded from here template for conference abstracts
b) Each abstract as a separate file. For this, the abstract should be at least two pages in length with suitable details about respective work of presentation. A template is provided for this sort of abstracts. Convener need to submit suitable abstracts in conference abstract template (template for conference proceedings is provided on journal site under Author Guidelines, use latest template). Not all the abstracts should be published. Convener should select only worthy abstracts for publication. The conference proceedings/abstracts selected should be elaborated having sufficient details about experiments, results and also references (so that any reader get idea what the work is about and what are conclusions).

Conveners need to Review the submissions (check for all integrity, language, presentation of material) and select the publishable proceeding (accept).

Conveners if think suitable then can select few worthy works for publication as full article. The full article should be prepared in article template (available on journal site) and should be at least 5 page length (in final template). It should be reviewed by conveners at their end and submitted in article section on journal.

Step 3. Submission to Journal : The conveners should submit all accepted proceedings (should be in final format) online on journal site (in Proceedings/Event abstracts section).

The conference proceedings will be published in regular issue (in case there are small number of proceedings). Full length papers will be published as regular articles.

A representative example of publishing all abstracts in single file is available at Check the pdf file on the link to see how the abstracts will appear in the journal.

Conveners need to submit all abstracts at least 15 days in advance to get the journal copies before the start of conference.


Cost of each journal copy would be

1. for total abstracts less than 50 : Rs. 185/-
2. for abstracts more than 50 and less than 100: Rs. 235/-
3. for abstracts more than 100: Rs. 285/-

Term and conditions:

1. Abstracts must be submitted at least 15 days in advance from start date of conference.
2. A minimum of 60 copies must be ordered.
3. Above mentioned price may change without notice (as paper market rate changes). A fixed quote will be issued to convener at the time of contact/submission.
4. Conveners will be responsible for pick of journal copies from New Delhi office. If conveners wish, we can ship journal copies by courier (courier/shipping charges will be paid by convener), conveners should calculate shipping time and prepare accordingly. We will not be responsible for any delay.
5. Payment must be made in advance.
6. The above mentioned charges are for B&W print of issue. If conveners wish to include any color pages, then additional cost of Rs. 14 per page will apply.
7. Abstract of only two conferences can be published each as above journal is having two issues per year. First come first serve will be observed for publishing of conference proceedings. So, conveners must contact and get confirmation about availability of issue for inclusion of conference abstracts.

Conference Abstracts published:

National conference on Ethnopharmacology and Biotechnology in Drug Development: Prospects and Challenges

Organized by: Institute of Biomedical Sciences & Vaidya Ram Narayan Sharma Institute of Ayurved and Alternate Medical Education and Research, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, UP, India
and Society for Ethnopharmacology, India 14-15 November 2014