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This review delineates the development of novel reagents and methods for synthetic transformation of organosulfur compounds. The first chapter is devoted to the literature information available on various aspects of organosulfur compounds related to their properties, applications and various methodologies employed for their synthesis. The second chapter deals with thionation [...]
Tue, Jul 26, 2016, Continue reading at the source
With the advancement in wireless technologies WMN has become key component of the next generation wireless network technologies. Due to the dynamically changing network conditions finding paths in the networks have become a challenging issue for their implementation. In this paper we propose a nature inspire swarm intelligence based soft [...]
Tue, Jul 05, 2016, Continue reading at the source
The objective of this research is preparation of novel starch based hydrogel polymer. First extracted starch from the potato and purified. The etherification of starch was done by using mono chloro propionic acid. This improved controlled drug release property of etherified starch, the prepared gel have high water holding capacity, [...]
Mon, Jul 04, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Objective of our study was to explore and evaluate the novel and alternative reactive sorbent decontaminants based on nanoporous materials to the existing ones such as fuller's earth for the use in personal decontamination kits and spray devices against chemical weapons. Nanoporous materials have exceptional capacity to adsorb wide range [...]
Thu, Jun 23, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Background: The cardiovascular responses to static exercise depend on exercise intensity i.e. percentage of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) and muscle mass involved. It has been seen that the cardiovascular responses is directly proportional to the % MVC used during static activity. Objective: To assess and compare the hemodynamic responses to [...]
Wed, Jun 22, 2016, Continue reading at the source
In Elasto hydro dynamic lubrication occurs when a lubricant is introduce between the load carrying surfaces that are in rolling contact such as mating gears or bears. A lubricant presents metal to metal contact and the stability of surfaces can be determined by fluid dynamic laws. It is necessary to [...]
Wed, Jun 22, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Background: Evidence Based Practice is considered to be an essential component of clinical service delivery in healthcare. EBP is an outgrowth of evidence based medicine. Though there is increased awareness but still much has to be done. Many physical therapist professional organizations have identified EBP as priority.Purpose of the study: [...]
Wed, Jun 22, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Coordination compounds have rich diversity which provide not only stimulating structural chemistry but also exciting therapeutic properties. This paper consists the literature survey on the coordination compounds of Mn(II) ion with different Schiff bases having bidentate nature. These coordination compounds have gained increasing attention in antimicrobial activities, and all the [...]
Tue, Jun 07, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Aminoacetanilides have many applications in pharmaceutical industry, dyes and pigment industry, and are important intermediates to synthesize various heterocycles and aromatics. This review discusses various synthetic conditions and use of aminoacinalids. [...]
Tue, Jun 07, 2016, Continue reading at the source
The inhibitive property of the Trigonella foenum graecum seeds (TfgS) on the acid corrosion of aluminum has been investigated. The experimentation was carried out by the weight loss method. The results reveal that TfgS inhibit corrosion of aluminum very efficiently. The inhibition efficiency (IE %) was found highest 88% for [...]
Tue, Jun 07, 2016, Continue reading at the source

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