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Prebiotic and probiotics when used simultaneously are termed as symbiotic. Various prebiotics like fructooligosaccharide, inulin, polysaccharides are there in the in the market also they are obtained from the natural origin like leeks, onions, garlic, aloe-vera, wheat, asparagus, jerusalem artichoke and chicory. Probiotics includes various lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains and [...]
Sun, Jun 25, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Schiff base compounds are excellent ligands due to their rich coordination chemistry with transition metal ions. This paper consists the study of the coordination compounds of dioxomolybdenum(VI) ions with different Schiff bases. These coordination compounds have wide applications in agricultural, industrial and pharmaceutical chemistry. These coordination compounds have been characterized [...]
Sat, Jun 24, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a biopolysacharride present in connective tissues of body. It has high significant economic concern due to its high use in medical, cosmetic and food industries. It is present in several resources like rooster combs, eye and umbilical cord. Due to its good chemical and physical properties, [...]
Mon, Jun 19, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Crude methanolic extract of Crinum latifolium plant (Leaves) was assayed to identify various pharmacological properties. Antimicrobial potential of crude methanolic extracts of Crinum latifolium was accomplished by most commonly used disc diffusion method against a wide range of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. Extracts showed slight antimicrobial activity against [...]
Mon, May 29, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Glasses with composition xCdO.ySiO2.yBi2O3 (with x=0, y=50; x=10, y=45; x=20, y=40 and x=30, y=35 mol %) were synthesized using conventional melt quenching technique. The variation in physical and optical properties has been studied as a function of CdO content in cadmium silicon bismuthate glasses. The amorphous nature was confirmed by [...]
Thu, May 11, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Introduction: Women empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of women in diversified streams. It involves the empowered developing confidence in their capacities. It's a multidimensional social process that helps women to gain control over their own lives and give contribution in strong nation building by [...]
Fri, Apr 28, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Energy is the basic stamina for economic growth of any country and also it carries same weightage to keep the environment free from pollution for the better health of all human beings. So to harness energy it is very much necessary to be depend on renewable energy instead of conventional [...]
Tue, Apr 18, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Silver doped tin oxide (Ag-SnO2) nanofibers were fabricated by electrospinning and subsequently calcinations technique. Ag-SnO2/polyaniline (PANI) composite nanofibers were prepared by facile in-situ polymerization dip-coating technique. As-synthesized composites nanofibers were characterized by XRD, SEM and studied for hydrogen gas sensing. Ag-SnO2/PANI composite was found to be more sensitive for hydrogen [...]
Tue, Apr 04, 2017, Continue reading at the source
The pulp and paper industry waste water is characterized by dark color, foul odour, high organic content & extreme quantities of COD, BOD & chlorinated compounds. These impurities removed by chemical precipitation using ferric chloride and iron nanoparticles. Today iron nanoparticles used for detection and removal of chemical and biological [...]
Mon, Mar 27, 2017, Continue reading at the source

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