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The successful synthesis of a novel cathode material Li2MnFeSiO4 (LMFS) was done using thestandardSol-Gel technique. To improve the electrical conductivity of cathode material different concentration (wt/wt) of MWCNT are incorporated into LMFS generating composite Li2MnFeSiO4/MWCNT via solution method. In order to achieve better electron passage to particle–particle boundaries, MWCNT is [...]
Tue, Sep 20, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Novel 2-Substituted aryl (or alkyl)-6-(substituted aryl) imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine derivatives have been synthesized by the suzuki reaction of 6-chloro-2-substituted aryl(or alkyl) imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine [obtained by the reaction of 3-amino-6-chloro pyridazine with 2-bromo-1-substituted aryl (or alkyl) ethanone] with substituted aryl boronic acid in presence of bis(triphenylphosphine)palladium(ii) chloride and potassium carbonate in dimethyl [...]
Tue, Sep 13, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases and many methods have been developed for cancer therapy. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is an advanced modality for the treatment of malignant tumors as it is widely used for clinical cancer treatments. The principal of PDT is based on the selective internalization of [...]
Tue, Sep 13, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Glucose syrup production from rotten potato was investigated. The starch extracted from rotten potato after steeping for 12hrs and purified by sedimentation method and had the yield of 82.17%. The glucose recovered by enzymatic hydrolysis using alpha amylase produced 42.20g reducing sugar from rotten potato starch followed by the glucose [...]
Fri, Sep 09, 2016, Continue reading at the source
In the present work, optical bistability using a Fabry-Perot cavity containing MgPc dye dissolved in toluene of different concentrations have been experimentally investigated by using a single mode Q-switched nanosecond Nd:YAG laser operating at ~532nm. The nonlinear refractive index n2 is numerically estimated from the bistabe loop and found [...]
Fri, Sep 09, 2016, Continue reading at the source
The removal of phenol and cyanide from synthetic/simulated waste water using a packed bed bio-column reactor was investigated. Mixed culture of Pseudomonas putida MTCC 1194 and Serretia odoriferra MTCC 5700 has been immobilized on the iron impregnated coconut shell activated carbon (Fe-CSAC) bed in the packed bed bio-column reactor. [...]
Fri, Sep 09, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Laser induced damage threshold of SiO2 and TiO2 thin films prepared by e-beam evaporation technique on BK7 glass substrate at normal without heating. TiO2 and SiO2 deposited by such method were annealed in air for an hour at temperature of 2500C. X- ray diffraction of these samples shows the [...]
Thu, Sep 08, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) and ZnO/multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) nanocomposites were prepared by direct blending procedure. The pure ZnO and ZnO/MWCNTs nanocomposite films were coated on Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated glass substrate by doctor blade method followed by annealing. The MWCNTs were functionalized by mixed acid treatment before incorporation into [...]
Thu, Sep 08, 2016, Continue reading at the source
Ionically conducting solid polymer films have been utilized in many energy related sectors like high energy density solid polymer batteries, PEM fuel cells, and super capacitors, etc.In the present study, we report innovative study on the prepared high quality solid state free standing thin polymeric separator. In prepared free standing [...]
Wed, Sep 07, 2016, Continue reading at the source
This review delineates the development of novel reagents and methods for synthetic transformation of organosulfur compounds. The first chapter is devoted to the literature information available on various aspects of organosulfur compounds related to their properties, applications and various methodologies employed for their synthesis. The second chapter deals with thionation [...]
Tue, Jul 26, 2016, Continue reading at the source

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