Synthesis and Evaluation of [DUPA-6-Ahx-Lys (DOTA)-6-Ahx-RM2], a Novel, Bivalent Targeting Ligand for GRPr/PSMA Biomarkers of Prostate Cancer

In this study, we have prepared a novel, dual-biomarker, targeting ligand having high affinity and specificity for PSMA/GRPr receptors that are expressed on most prostate cancers. [DUPA-6-Ahx-Lys(DOTA)-6-Ahx-RM2] was synthesized and the new conjugate was metallated macroscopically with GaCl3, InCl3, and LuCl3 to form [DUPA-6-Ahx-Lys(M-DOTA)-6-Ahx-RM2] (where M = Ga, In, or Lu). These new agents, when radiolabeled with Ga-68, In-111, or Lu-177 hold theranostic potential for patients presenting with prostate cancer disease.



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