Antiquorum sensing activity of selected Eritrean traditional medicinal plants against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

By Jeevan Jyoti Kaushik, Yacob Tesfamichael Keleta, Danait Kebede Emha, Estifanos Okbay Ghebrehans, Henok Tekie Araya, Kisanet Habtemichael Gebregziabher, Kisanet Teklemariam Kifle, Nabait G. Weldetnsaie, Atul Kaushik

The discovery of bacterial-communication systems (quorum-sensing systems), which orchestrate important temporal events during the infection process, has afforded a novel opportunity to ameliorate bacterial infection by means other than growth inhibition. In this study three different assays were performed; Las-A staphylolytic assay, anti-swarming assay, pyocyanin assay. In the anti-swarming activity, the highest anti-swarming activity were seen in the chloroform and petroleum extract of O.fruticosa. In the Las-A activity, the highest reduction in Las-A activity was seen in the chloroform extract of V.sinaiticum (70.5%) and also petroleum extract of V.sinaticum and chloroform extract O.fructicosa (70.3%).In the Pyocyanin assay, the chloroform extract of O.fructicosa and V.sinaiticum showed more significant effect in decreasing the Pyocyanin production by 81.8% and 79.5% respectively.



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