Zirconium Antimonoarsanotungstate Zr[SbAsW]: Synthesis and Characterization

By Nadeem Sharma, Harish Kumar Sharma, Pernita Dogara, Ritu Ritu

Abstract: In the present research work we concentrated on the structure elucidation of new hetero polyacid salts: Zirconium Antimonoarsanotungstate Zr[SbAsW] salt synthesized at variable pH using sol-gel route. An instrumental technique, FTIR was used to assign the structural aspects to the compound. Physical characterization involves the determination of ion exchange capacity and maximum value for this parameter is 0.40mg/eq. Distribution coefficient values showed that the synthesized compound is preferentially selective for Cu2+ ion. Membrane composition where ZrSbAsW was 40% showed linearity in the range of 1.0×10-4 M to 1.0×10-1 M with a slope of 20.0 mV/decade taking 10-1 M as an internal solution. Above instrumental and analytical studies gave a picture of Cu2+ selective electron-active moiety to the synthesized compound.

Source:: http://www.pubs.iscience.in/journal/index.php/ira/article/view/639


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