Synthesis and Biodegradation Study of Starch/PVA/Nanoclay Blend


Synthesis and Biodegradation Study of Starch/PVA/Nanoclay Blend

Geeta Saini University of Delhi
Himani Chauhan University of Delhi
Aeshna Gupta University of Delhi
Disha Gangotia University of Delhi

Keywords: Food packaging, Nanoclay, Biodegradable, PVA, Starch

In this research work, we have synthesized blend of starch/PVA/nanoclay via solution cast method. The composition of blend was starch and PVA in 1:1 ratio by weight with citric acid as plasticizer. The amount of nanoclay was varied between 0.5 to 2 wt%. The structure elucidation of the film by Scanning electron microscopy reveals homogeneous dispersion of nanoclay into polymer matrix. The biodegradation of the films were studied by soil burial method and enzymatic hydrolysis and it was found that completely biodegradable films were produced which could serve as potential candidate for food packaging.




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