Tutorial Reviews of Nanoscience, Nanotechnolgy, Nanomaterials advances

The tutorial reviews present the contents in lucid presentations and include comparatively more graphics for better understanding of the field to novice readers. Tutorial reviews are important source to cover and understand the research advances for the benefit and information updates of novice readers of respective scientific field. The research is advancing at a fast pace in field of nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomaterials; and require a frequent updating the readers about the progress in the field particularly the new learners and readers. The Journal of Materials Nanoscience publishes tutorial review besides the regular review articles to provide a comprehensive coverage of nanoscience and nanomaterials advances. The community members, researcher, teachers are invited to compile and submit the tutorial reviews for information updates to students.
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Integrated Research Advances Impact factor and Indexing matrices

Journal Name : Integrated Research Advances
Publisher Integrated Science
Journal Issues per volume/year Two
Frequency Biannual
Editorial Board Members Multinational [Link]
Journal Type International
Journal International Serial Number – ISSN 2456-334X
Demography of Authors Unites State, China, Africa, Japan,
Korea, Hong Kong, India [Link]
Start Year 2014

Three Year Average Impact Factor:

Impact Factor (2016) 3.714
Citations recorded: 026
Article Published (2014): 007

Impact Factor (2017) 0.1666
Citations recorded: 01
Article Published (2015): 006

Impact Factor 0.437
Citations recorded: 07
Article Published (2016): 016

Journal Link: http://pubs.iscience.in/journals/ira
Google Scholar Link: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?as_vis=1&q=source:Integrated+source:Research+source:Advances

Citation Source: Google Scholar for IF (interim) Calculations. Citation recorded as on 10-Mar-2018 Google Scholar Citations – IRA

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Google Scholar Link: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?as_vis=1&q=source:Integrated+source:Research+source:Advances

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Assessment of Anti-diabetic and Anti-oxidant activity of Murraya Koenigii extracts using in-vitro assays

Murraya koenigii, commonly known as curry leaves, is a regular ingredient used in Indian cuisines. Not only it is beneficial for health but also it is speculated to have various medicinal properties. Although a large number of phytochemicals have been identified and tested for various properties but no compound have been extended for drug design purpose. Present work conducted on Murraya koenigii illustrates its anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant activities using various biochemical tests. From various evaluated leaf extracts of M.koenigii, DCM and Ethanol extracts were the one which showed best activity for anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic assays.

Source:: http://www.pubs.iscience.in/journal/index.php/jbts/article/view/765


Indo-Hungarian Symposium on Recent Advances in Chemistry and Biology – Abstracts

Presentation abstracts of the Indo-Hungarian Symposium on Recent Advances in Chemistry and Biology held on 11 Dec 2017 at Miranda House, University of Delhi.

Convener: Dr. Amrita T Sheikh
Organizing Secretary: Dr. Poonam

Source:: http://www.pubs.iscience.in/journal/index.php/jbts/article/view/801