Special Issue on recent development in diagnosis and treatment of infection diseases

SPECIAL ISSUE on Infectious Diseases
Journal Name: Chemical Biology Letters
Guest Editor(s): Dr. Brijesh Rathi, Dr. Poonam

Infections (viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic) cause actual global health threats, causing all together millions deaths. Moreover, the increasing drug resistance remains a big task and vaccine is indefinable for the many infections. The purpose of this special issue proposal is to summarize the recent advances in the field of new potential molecular targets/mechanism of actions for new potential anti-infectious drugs.
The subtopics to be covered in this issue are:
Ø Malarial/mycobacterial/microbial/viral drug targets -biochemical aspects.
Ø Therapeutic and diagnostic applications.
Ø Antimalarial/anti-mycobacterial/anti-viral agents: molecular mechanism of drug targets.
Ø Computational approaches to understand binding affinity of drugs.
Ø New therapeutic policies and emerging targets for the treatment infectious diseases.
Ø Identification of novel drug targets and Development of new drugs molecules.
Ø Malarial proteases – biochemical aspects.
Ø Design of inhibitors targeting the active sites of malarial proteases.
Ø New approaches adopted for the development of new anti-microbial/antiviral molecules.
Ø Rational design and drug discovery-Structure-activity relationship (SAR).
Ø Synthetic strategies of new bioactive molecules.
Ø Molecular self-assembly as drug delivery carriers- Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.
Ø Environmental aspects responsible for increasing drug resistance.

Provisional Schedule:

Manuscript submission deadline: June 30,, July 15, 2016
Peer Review Due: July 31, 2016; Revision Due: August 20, 2016
Announcement of acceptance by the Guest Editor(s): August 30, 2016
Final manuscripts due: September 1, 2016

The final issue has been published on the journal site, browse the CBL journal site for table of contents of issue.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Brijesh Rathi, Ph.D.
Hansraj College, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
Email: brijeshrathi@hrc.du.ac.in

Dr. Poonam
Miranda House, University of Delhi, Delhi, India

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