Journal of Disability Studies

Journal of Disability Studies’ is an International, multidisciplinary, peer reviewed refereed journal.

ISSN: 2454-6623

Manuscript submission, Author Guidelines and Table of Contents are available on

Focus and Scope: The areas covered by Journal would be comprehensive which will includes all type of disabilities and a wide range of topic/themes such as:

  • Psychosocial Prospective of Disability
  • Disability Assessment
  • Disability Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Disability in Academia
  • Disability Research
  • Disability and Social Stigma or Exclusion/Discrimination
  • Disability in the context of Development
  • Disability and Gender
  • Disability Legislation

Article types: The journal publishes following article types

Original Research Papers
Short Communications
Review Articles
Letters to the Editor
Case Reports, Viewpoint, Commentaries, Literary and MyVoice