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Integrated Journal of Social Sciences

Integrated Journal of Social Sciences

Integrated Journal of Social Sciences (iJSS)
V.K. Shanwal, Gautam Buddha University

ISSN 2348 –0874

Integrated Journal of Social Sciences (iJSS) publish integrated articles from all fields of social sciences research, i.e. integrated journal for integrated social sciences. It publishes research article, review article, short communications and Insights from Social Sciences, Arts, Economics, Business, Humanities, Languages, History, Political Sciences, International Politics, Polity, Management, Law and all other fields of social sciences.

Insights is a novel feature of iJSS meant for coverage of summarized interpretation of any social event, a two page brief on any social happening.

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Current Issue

The education and health are two major components for development of any country. The traditional system of teaching has been replaced with latest technology. The technology is one of the important components for the advancement. The need of technology is also felt in teaching and learning to make it [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
The role that investments in young children play in social and economic development is being recognized globally. In the advent of strong economic and social forces that influence children and their families, childhood has become even more vulnerable today. These strains may be both macro and micro in nature. These [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the topic of concern for the last six decades. The existence and promotion of EI skills in Indian society from ancient times were explored through popular collection of Indian folklore, such as Panchatantra, Hitopdesha and Jatakas. The cultural literatures including the religious texts play a [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
Ensuring Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is one of the focus themes of Education for All movement conceived at the World Conference (1990) and World Education Forum (2000). Countries have keenly pursued ECCE, the first goal of Education for All and prepared well to fulfil their commitments towards this. [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
Group based microfinance usually signifies a financial arrangement designed to help the rural poor transform their economic condition through formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs). The growth of group based microfinance (Self Help Group -Bank Linkage Model) in Haryana State has been described with the help of Numbers of SHGs, [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
With marketers increasingly exploring newer media for advertising their products, such as social networks, online platforms, innovative experiential campaign etc., newspaper as a traditional medium of advertisements is facing questions about its relevance and effectiveness. This paper attempts to gauge the impact that newspaper advertisements have on the purchase decisions [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
The Mataks are probably best known in Assam history for the Moamaria revolt that put the Ahom dynastic rule to an end, and paved a way for colonial rule of the British. Led by the Morans of Upper Assam and architected by Mayamara Mahanta, the Moamaria revolt drew support from [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
The study of self has taken an important position in the recent context. The difference between the ‘Non-Western' and the ‘Western' self has played its role and we have ended up by putting nomenclatures of individualistic societies to some nations, and collectivistic to others. But is the discussion of self [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
Mobile Seva (m-Governance) is an innovative initiative aimed at mainstreaming mobile governance in India. This is an extension to the vision of National e-Governance Plan making all government services accessible to the common man with efficiency, transparency and reliability at the affordable costs. Mobiles enable anytime, anywhere access to and [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci
Teachers being “the fulcrum around which education revolves”, the teacher education is identified and understood as the “most challenging sector” for systemic reforms in school education. A teacher is expected to be the facilitator of students' learning in a manner that helps them to construct knowledge and meaning which eventually [...]
Source: Integr J Soc Sci

Journal is meant for publication of research and review article from all fields of social sciences.


Author Guidelines

The Authors need to submit a single file containing all the details (the supplementary file need to be prepared and submitted as separate file). Authors are advised to prepare their manuscript according to journal article template provided below.

Cover letter

Authors should supply a cover letter indicating rational of their work. Cover letter should also have details of at least three reviewers (with email). Cover letter should be provided on the first step of submission in “Comments for Editor’ box.

Gaphical Abstract

Authors need to submit a graphical abstract highlighting the contents of manuscript. Instructions about graphical abstract preparation and submission can be found on this link (click to follow).


Manuscript should be containing Title, Authors, Affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, (other sections like Introduction, Result and discussion, conclusion, experimental in the main body text of manuscript should be used for full paper article), acknowledment and references in the listed order. Short communications need not to be arranged in different sections. The main text of manuscript should have Introduction (not more than two pages), Experimental (Methodologies adopted), Result and Discussion (should be elaborated and detailed) and Conclusion (summary of results). References should be as shown for articles,1 theses,2 books,3,4 and patents,5

1. R. Ping, M. Laura, P.S. Mario. Title of the journal article should be included here. Int. Lett.Org. Chem. 1996, 61, 4439–4449.

2. B.K. Sharma. Ph.D. Dissertation, Thesis Title, Cornell University, 1995.

3. R. Hussain, D. Shinkoi. Title of bool like Synthesis and application of ionic liquid, John Wiley & Sons: New York, 2010.

4. R.S. Buchanod, D.K. Reddy. In Selective Organic Transformations; T.R. Thyagarajan, Ed.; Integratedscience: New York, 2002; Vol. 2, pp 1–95.

5. G.L. Loyale, U.S. Patent 5 934 456, 1998; Chem. Abstr. 1998, 65, 2870.

Endnote style file: If you are using Endnote program for Bibliography (References and Notes), then you can download ISP Journals Endnote style file (common style file for all ISP journals) (right click and save as… then open in endnote program

On acceptance of manuscript, authors must need to supply their manuscript in Article template (if they have not already submitted in template).


Authors need to submit all manuscripts through journal website. Register by following link ‘Register‘ (make sure to mark checked the options Author and reviewer while registering for journal). On login, you will find ‘new submission’ link in your panel page.


On acceptance of manuscript, Authors are required to submit revised manuscript in journal articles template (If authors wish, they are free to submit their manuscript in journal article template while submitting first time).

Word2007-2010_template (right click and save as..)

Word97-2003_template (right click and save as.. )


download the template (as per the MS Word version that you have on your computer), double click the file to open and then prepare your article and save it with your own name.

Login and submit the manuscript online (submission by email are not accepted). Only online submissions are accepted now.



JISS InSight


JISS publishes one or two page writeups on any specific topic (any event related to social sciences or having relevance to society) as Insights. Anyone can submit Insight articles irrespective of their position or field.

Prepare the Insight article in template and submit it as per instructions provided above for general articles. While submitting, select ‘Insight’ in article types.


Insight template (word 2007-2010) .. click to download or right click and save as

Submit manuscript on the journal site at this link http://www.pubs.iscience.in/journal/index.php/ijss/about/submissions

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