Infections and Immunity

Amidst the present pandemic, there has been a lot of talk about the role of immunity in handling the outbreak. A sudden surge of information on various aspects of immunity in infections has ignited curiosity and awareness among the common people about the role and scope of immunity.

The University of Delhi, Daulat Ram College is going to host a 3-day International Conference on “Infections and Immunity” with aim towards a global collaboration between scientists, research scholars and students working on various aspects of immunology from different research organizations, medical institutions, NGOs, and reputed Universities, to share their ideas and discuss the solutions. The selected full length articles from speakers, participants and other scholars will be published in special thematic issue.

This special issue is meant to cover the various aspects of emerging infectious diseases, problems, and solutions to deal with possible infections of future. It will bring together the knowledge of the paradigms of infectious diseases and the recent researches related to this area including the role of both innate and acquired immunity. It also aims to explore the role of vaccine and the challenges in vaccine development against the infectious agents. The special issue will include articles on recent therapeutic and diagnostic tools in tackling infections, developments and challenges in vaccine and immunity with emphasis on most recent research findings.

Themes of special issue and associated Session of Conference are:

  • Genomic surveillance of infective agents
  • Efficacy of immune system
  • Possible role of Artificial intelligence in COVID-19
  • Infections and vaccines
  • Vaccine design
  • Covid infections, modalities and its management

Guest editors

Dr. Indrakant K. Singh,
Associate Professor, Zoology 
Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi

Dr. Rajesh Pandey
Associate Professor, (AcSIR)
Principal Scientist, (CSIR-IGIB), Delhi

The Dates / Schedule

Article Submission date- November 15, 2021
Issue completion date- December 31, 2021

Participating Journal

Chemical Biology Letters


Interested scholars should submit their article (prepared according to author guidelines in the journal article template) on the journal site (In cover letters to editor mention that article is for consideration in special issue). Authors can also submit their article manuscript directly to guest editors for preliminary editorial processing.