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New journals proposed by the research community and approved by Integrated Science. The proposed journals are in progress of finalization and articles can be submitted. Further, researchers are welcome to suggest/propose suitable new Journal title required for publishing of their research. Send information using contact us link/form.

Journal of Integrated Biosciences

The journal of integrated biosciences publish research and review articles from all branches of biosciences i.e. botany, zoology, biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, molecular biology, environmental biology and other allied areas.

The translational research in biological sciences i.e. integrative biology is given preference in publishing in this journal.

Link for journal site:

The journal publish reviews of thesis and dissertations (M.Tech., M.Phil., Ph.D.) as journal article. the thesis review should be prepared per guidelines provided for IAST journal at this link


Journal of Integrated Chemical Sciences

Journal of Integrated Chemical Sciences publishes research advances in all fields of chemical sciences. Most of the articles are open access and supported by international editors from different countries. This journal has unique feature of publishing open access articles without any cost to Authors. There is no publication charges for authors.

Articles submitted to this journal are assigned to editors from the respective country. Editors recommended articles (after complete review process) are published within 2 weeks. The turn around time for manuscript review processing in nearly one month from submission. Articles are judged solely based on the quality.

Authors from all countries can submit their articles for publication in JICS.

You can check the editorial board and author guidelines on journal site. Manuscripts need to be submitted on journal site strictly according to author guidelines.

Submit your article at journal site:

Author Guidelines: Instructions For Authors

Editorial Board: Editors and Advisory Board

Table of Contents: List of Issues


Indian Physics Reviews

Indian Physics Reviews publish only review articles from Physics and allied disciplines.

ISSN: pre-ISSN applied

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Senior scientist who can serve as editor of the journal are requested to contact using contact us link.

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Indian Physics Letters

Indian Physics Letters is meant for rapid publication of short communications in Physics (including all sub/allied research fields like astrophysics, astronomy and all other phenomenons). The articles are peer-reviewed and published within 40-45 days from date of submission.
ISSN: applied and assignment in process.

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Editorial board membership is open now, send CV at .


Indian Journal of Applied Physics

Indian Journal of Applied Physics publish research in applied physics. Short communication, research articles and review articles are publish in each issue of the journal.

ISSN: Applied and assignment in process.

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Senior Physicist are requested to join as editors/associate editors and editorial advisory board members. Please send information using contact us link.


Journal of MacroPhysics

The journal of Macrophysics covers research in Macro scale physics (covering fluid dynamics, plasma physics, soft matter and space physics, including solar physics and meteorology). Journal publish short communications, research articles and review articles.

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For any query or suggestion, joining as associate editor or editorial board membership, please contact use using contact us link.


Indian Journal of Astrophysics

Indian Journal of Astrophysics is meant for publication of research progress in Astrophysics and Astronomy covering Astrophysics, astroparticle physics, relativity and cosmology. Journal publish short communications, research full articles and review articles.

Authors shall submit their article by email to

ISSN: applied & in process of assignment.

Editorial membership is open. Send CV at

For any query or suggestion, contact us at


Journal of MicroPhysics

The Journal of MicroPhysics cover research in Micro scale physics (covering quantum mechanics, high-energy physics, quantum optics, quantum electrodynamics, atomic and molecular physics, nuclear physics and condensed matter physics). Journal publish short communications (rapid communications), research full articles and review articles.

Authors need to submit article by email at

Physicist interested in joining as editorial board members can forward their CV by email to . Senior scientists are requested to join as Editors/associate editors as journal is expanding its services.


Journal of Integrated Physical Sciences

Journal of Integrated Physical Sciences cover science in all subjects of physical sciences viz. Physics, Mathematics, Materials Sciences, Spectroscopy, astrophysics, astronomy. The journal specifically cover Physics of
complex systems (covering nonlinear dynamics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics and complexity).
Journal publish research and review articles.

Journal publish reviews of thesis as journal article in section of physical sciences from International Archives of Science and Technology (Authors are free to choose one these journals for publishing of reviews of their thesis). The review of thesis should be prepared as per details provided for IAST journal.

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