Unique Object Identity

Unique Object Identity i.e. uoi or UOI provides an unique identity to any object. This is currently available to published articles (print or online format) in any journal/magazine/conference proceeding.

The general format of uoi assignment for any article is as


where ‘aaaaa’ is the abbreviation for magazine/journal/proceedings etc. A maximum of five letters may be used (generally the first alphabet of title words is used).

‘yyyy’ is the year in which object/article appear.

‘vv’ is the volume number of the journal (in case journal or magazine that do not use volume, a 00 may be used )

‘is’ represents the issue number (a two digit number is used for the issue number)

‘pp’ represents the start page number (it may be 2 or three number, upto max 4), an addition x1 or x2 may be suffixed if same starting page contains two or more objects/articles.