Self Publish – 1

The self publishing of book involve following steps

1. Prepare the book text and Cover Files according to listed specifications.
2. Submit the Book for publishing.
3. If the files are correctly created, they will be approved within 1-2 business days and you would receive relevant link and other details in e-mail.

Prepare your book text

Authors can use popular text editing software preferably MS-Word for preparing their book manuscript text.
1. Just prepare your text for the selected book topic in word. Open the MS-word program and compile the text.
– If text is large, then compile different chapters in separate files.
2. Read the text thoroughly, correct any grammatical and textual corrections.
3. Ask your peers/friends to read and correct your final prepared text.
4. When your text is ready, next step is formatting it in a book format.

Book formatting (Layout setting)

1. Very first step is to choose the size (width x length) of the book you want to publish. Open a new word document, and in page set up
Select any of the following sizes (custom size): (inch x inch )
a. 4.7×6.9 b. 5.5×8.5 c. 6.15×9.15 d. 7.25×9.5 e. 8.5×11
Size ‘a’ is for small book, b and c are for medium book (suitable for normal text books) and d & e are large size (suitable for large text books and magazines).

2. Select the margins for book pages. The general margin should be minimum 0.5 to 0.6 on all sides.
3. Now start the text for your book. On page 1, keep the title of book and author name. On page 2, keep the details about book, copyright information, publisher, place etc. On page 3 and 4, you can include the preface and notes for readers. On page 5 insert the table of contents. Read this tutorial about how to prepare table of contents automatically for a book written in MS-Word.
4. Now copy and paste all text from your prepared text file or from different files prepared for separate file. The final contents should be in one file.
Font (type and Size) for Book: Authors can select any suitable font type and size for text. As thumb of rule: font type from ‘Calibri’ ‘Times new Roman’ or ‘Palatino Linotype’ with font size ’11’ with line spacing of 1.2 should be kept for general subject text books. ‘Palatino Linotype’ font type was the general font used in earlier text books (science books). However, now a days, many other type for font are being used in books. Authors should select the font they like (or take the print out of the page to select appropriate font type).
One column or two column: It is optional for authors whether they want to keep one column or two column. For small sized books, one column format is popular while for big size book (and magazines), two column format is popularly used.