stress among students

Stress among students: An emerging issue

Anjali Rana, Renu Gulati, Veenu Wadhwa


This research paper aims to review the literature on stress; sources of stress; signs and symptoms of stress; and adverse effects of stress on  students health and well-being. Students of the modern era are living in a highly competitive world which exerts lots of stress on students to survive in this era. Stress is an unavoidable phenomenon in all aspects of human life. Stress is an emotional imbalance which may occur due to various reasons such as tests, papers and projects, competitive nature within one’s chosen field, financial worries about school and future employment prospects. Stress can be negative or positive to an individual, depending on the strength and persistence of the stress, the individual’s personality, cognitive appraisal of the stress, and social support. Stress affects students academically, socially, physically and emotionally.


Stress; student; impact; psychology; education; learning; emotional;

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