home environment and child development

Influence of Home environment and peers influence on Emotional maturity of Adolescents

Chanda Rawat, Renu Gulati


Emotional maturity is the tendency to deal with extreme emotions at adverse phase of life. Emotional ups and down are commonly observed at adolescent stage. It is a transitional period from childhood to being an independent adult; characterized by physical, psychological, social and emotional changes. Positive changes could only be achieved if parents maintain healthy home environment to rear their children. Adolescents tend to recognize with groups of peers based on common traits. Peer group has a great role to play in shaping the personality of adolescents. Adolescents flourish and become emotionally stable when parents understand and support, when the child is in dire need of it.  This paper explores the home environment and peer involvement and its influence on emotions of adolescents.


Emotional stability, Independent, cohesion, acceptance, nurturance, rejection

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