Student Editor

Integrated Research Advances

Student Editor

Integrated Research Advances has a team of Editors, Reviewers, Editorial Advisory Board members and junior editors i.e. student editors. The student editors who would help in implementing the ‘My First Publication’ program are mentioned in the editorial section of the Journal.

Interested in getting associated as student editor for ‘Integrated Research Advances’ , then submit your CV/details at .


Responsibility: The student editor will be a connecting link between the institute and journal. He/she will be responsible for first screening of the articles, selecting the best ones for further review by senior faculty members and helping the young authors with basic editing and submission of articles to journal. Further he/she need to get reviewed the article, finalize the articles (accept or reject based on reviewers recommendation) and bring the article to final format of publishing (layout setting and corrections). Student editor need to finalize at least five articles annually.

Every student editor who completes the program successfully will receive a certificate. Also best student editor will be awarded ‘Editorial Excellence Award’.

Please understand Student Editor is a training position (not a paid position) to accustom researchers with editorial processing.

Pamphlet for notice boards and circulations

My first publication pamphlet (click to download)