Manuscript / Article Submission

Manuscript Submission

Visit the respective journal, register on the journal site (make sure to select ‘Author’ option while registering), prepare the manuscript according to author guidelines and submit your manuscript/article online.


1. I am registered on the journal site, but could not find the submission link. How to submit article.
2. I am registered on one journal, then how to submit article to another journal?
3. I forget to select ‘Author’ option while registering. How can I submit the article?

Ans. Answer to all of above question is as:
Step 1.
Go to the journal site to which you want to submit the article.
Step 2. Login to journal site (you may not see any journal to user home or your currently selected journals will be in your panel).
Step 3. On the right hand site column (on your right side on journal site), you will find ‘My Profile’ link, click on this to follow the link.
Step 4. In the opened window you will find your details and three options (Reviewer, Author and Reader). Select these options (check mark) and save (Click on save button in bottom).
Step 5. On save, you will see the journal name and authors option in user panel. A ‘New Submission’ link will be there, follow that to submit your article.

4. I see one journal in my panel (user home). How can I add other journals to my panel?
Ans. Follow the above steps to add any journal to your panel.