Leadership in Open and Distance Learning System

Vinod Kumar


The Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system ensures access to education to learners who are scattered over a wide geographical area and are unable to receive education through a formal system while fulfilling their daily-family responsibilities. The recipients of this system are spread globally, as well as age, gender, intelligence, personality, family-environment, educational-ecology and socio-economic and cultural diversity. Despite the above variations and challenges, the Open and Distance learning system is making education accessible to all through a strong administration and management system. Leadership is the most important role in successful 'administration and management' of Open and Distance learning systems. That is why through this research article, the researcher wants to clarify how the administration and management of Open and Distance learning systems is done. What is the 'concept of leadership' in the administration and management of Open and Distance learning? And how is leadership helpful in discharging the management role in this system? That is, the main concern of the researcher in this research article is the study of the role of leadership in administration and management under the Open and Distance learning system. For this, the researcher has presented his interpretation by making reference to the available literature using the content-analysis method.


Open Education; Open; Distance; Education system; Leadership; Educational Planning; Educational Management; Coordination;

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