voices of disabled students

"I am like everyone else" Voices of Children with Disabilities in school settings: A Literature Review

Ritu Singh, Geeta Chopra


Globally much has been advanced in the domain of inclusion and inclusive education, but still, the experiences of differences and exclusion persist and add to further stigmatization of children with disabilities. The inclusive education is not just strengthening the structural pillars, but also promoting the social inclusion where children with disabilities feel free to participate. When the philosophy of inclusion lies in optimizing the opportunities of children with disabilities to fully participate and feel included, then it becomes critical to listen to their voices in school settings as it would provide inputs in the building of more inclusive settings. The voices of children with disabilities as social change actors is crucial in making informed decisions for social inclusion as they are the experts on their own experiences. The article exhibited various aspects that are of concern for researchers, special educators, and policymakers in planning for social inclusion free from barriers of differences and exclusion.


disability; children; teacher; school; education;

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