Holistic Approach to Education

Anamika Shukla


The time has again come to revive and restore our ancient knowledge based on Value Based Education in this modern age without being biased extremist, prejudiced and orthodox. It is only ancient knowledge and Vidya which will change the attitudes of our children making them complete human beings. And, in return they will change the entire human society.



Education; Value Based Education

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Khaptad Baba - Bichar Biggyan / Dharma Biggyan

Dr. Chintamani Yogi - Bichar Bimba.

Jerry Piasecki - Humanitarian novels - "Thomas and Daeng, Paradise Burning" and two others....Published by UN.

Kulshekhar Sharma - "Hindu Dharma Ko Ka Kha Ga- (a book transleted from "A Primer of Hinduism").

Deepak Chopra - "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" ; Published in USA.

Er. Ram Babu Khanal - "How to become a good student" Triveni Offset Press, Kupandle,Nepal.

John P. Miller - "The Holistic Curriculum", published by The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

David Marshak - "The Common Vision-Parenting and Educating for Wholeness"(chapter 5th- The Vision of Aurbido Ghose Educating for Wholeness); published by Peter lang,NY,USA.

Dr. Robert Muller - "Most of all they taught me Happiness"- Published by Amare Media Lic, CA, USA.

"Learning to Live Together"; An Intercultural and Interfaith Programme for Ethics Education; Published by Arigatou Foundation, GNRC; Endorsed by UNESCO and UNICEF.

Diane Tillman- "Living Values: An Educational Program"; Living Values Activities for Children; www.livingvalues.net; Published by Health Communications ,Inc. Florida, USA.

Kalyan, Shiksha Anka, Geeta Press, India.


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