The impact of Media on Dalit youth: A case study

Suman Rana, Jagdish Jhadhav


Media is a powerful tool of communication and it plays a significant role in shaping the society. At present, media has become an essential part of youth’s life based on their choices and preferences. It has revolutionized the way the youth received information and look at the things. Now-a-days, every youth can connect instantly with the global information, news and entertainment with a push of a button. Therefore, numerous questions have been put up concerning the impact of the media contents – news, music, films, advertisement etc, on the several aspects of the youth. While media is agreed to be a channel of development of different social groups of society, this study aims to see the media’s impact on Dalit youth of Mundoti village of Ajmer District of Central Rajasthan. The objectives of the study are: (1) To explore the beneficial and harmful effects of media on different aspects of Dalit youth such as behavioral & mental performance, societal life, political & religious awareness, education & academic performance, latest trend adoption, physical health and so on and; (2) To recommend some measure for proper use of media in right direction to inform and educate the Dalit youth. The research design for the study is Case Study. Conclusion: Media has both positive and negative impact on the different aspect inclusive of their future development. Further, several measures have been suggested: (1) to promote healthy usage of media among youth and (2) to reduce the negative impact of media on youth.



Dalit Youth; Impact; Media; Rajasthan

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