parent behaviour and child development

Influence of Parenting style on emotional and social maturity of Adolescents

Chanda Rawat, Renu Gulati


Emotional maturity is tendency to understand and cope with emotions. The level of emotional maturity determines our ability to manage with complex situations. Emotional swings are frequently noticed at adolescent’s stage. Adolescence is a transitional period from childhood to being an independent adult; characterized by physical, psychological, social and emotional changes. Healthy changes could only be achieved if parents choose a right parenting style to rear their young ones.  A mental construct signifying standard approaches that parents opt while rearing a child is called parenting style. Adolescents flourish and become emotionally stable when parents communicate with respect and attend them before reacting, provide consistent rules and expectations and offer opportunities that promote independence. This paper explores the kind of parenting style used and its influence on development of adolescents.


Authoritative parenting; Authoritarian; parenting; Permissive parenting; Neglectful parenting; Emotional stability; Independent;

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