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Road map for investing in the care of young children: Indian perspective

Ridhi Sethi, Asha Singh, Bhanumathi Sharma


The role that investments in young children play in social and economic development is being recognized globally. In the advent of strong economic and social forces that influence children and their families, childhood has become even more vulnerable today. These strains may be both macro and micro in nature. These include work pressures on parents, economic hardship among families, lack of good non familial support systems and inadequate support from the nation/state. As the world awaits the implementation of the sustainable development goals it becomes imperative to look at the issues of both parental and non parental care. In this paper the authors explore the whole phenomena of investing in child care and its effect on children’s development and empowerment of women. The authors will also outline the trajectory of investments in the form of support from both the private and public sector and the possibility of partnerships in the form of corporate social responsibility.


Child Care; Investment; Education; Corporate Social Responsibility; Gender; India

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