The Manifestation of Sorrow and Pain in Indian Style Sonnets (Relying on Taleb Amoli’sSonnets)

Farideh Davoudy Moghaddam, Mahboubeh Khorasani


Considering  the  Indian  style poetry,  specially,  the  sonnets of  this  style'spoets,  we  find  out  that  sorrow,  disappointment and  pain  are  the  most  frequently  used  words  In  the  sonnets  of  the  Indian  style  poets  which  the  reason  can  be  sought among various factors such as social, economic, culture and political issues of Safavid era and also in severe individualism of the poets of this period of time, migration and sorrow resulted from homesickness and being far from one’s hometown, from  the  oppression  on  people  and  effect  of  sorrow  and  three-pain  in  Indian  philosophical  school  of  thought:  analyzing the sonnets of this style’s poets, specially  Amoli’s which this research has emphasized on, we can attain following indicators in themes of pain and sorrow; determinist way of thinking, creating paradoxical image with the joy and sorrow, disappointment  and  hope  themes,  giving  nobility  to  the  theme  of  sorrow  in  existence,  high  ambition  and  seeking  for sorrow,  honoring  and  souls  such  as  graceful  idols,  using  natural  elements  to  describe  sorrow  pain  as  romantic  ,  using vulgar and informed diction  to suggest  better and more touchable the theme  of sorrow, the motif  of  oppressive beloved and accordingly the stimulation of poet’s pain and sorrow and the important theme of love and pain.


sorrow; Pain; Sonnet; Indian Style;Taleb Amoli

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