Students' Perception Scale towards Principal's Leadership Behavior: Construction and Standardization

Vinod Kumar, Gopal Krishna Thakur


This paper describes the process of constructing and standardizing a scale to measure the student's attitude towards the leadership behavior of the principal by the researcher. The main objective of the presented paper is to construct a scale using the Likert method and evaluate its reliability and validity. Administrators were compiled and distributed on a representative sample of 275 students of Intermediate College for preliminary testing of the scale. Units were analyzed by calculating the correlation between each statement and the score of the entire scale. At the 0.05 level of significance, 39 units were found to be meaningful. The content validity of the said scale was ensured by discussions with more than 15 concerned subject-experts and their critical suggestions. Construct validity was determined by the correlation (r) in the total score of each dimension and the total score of the scale. Differential validity for each dimension was determined by calculating two independent group t-tests between scores of 27% applicability of the high and low groups. The reliability coefficient of all dimensions and overall scale were calculated by the internal compatibility method (Cronbach alpha). The overall scale has a reliability coefficient of 0.917, which is excellent.


Likert scale; Construction; Standardization; Item analysis; Reliability; Validity;

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