A comparative study of inhibitive effects of some Schiff’s Bases on Mild Steel in Acid media

Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay, Anuja Khed


Mass Loss, Thermometric & Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM) techniques have been employed to study the corrosion inhibitory effects of some newly synthesized Schiff’s Bases viz. N-(furfurilidine)-4-methoxy aniline (SB1), N-( furfurilidine)-4-methylaniline (SB2), N-(Salicylidine)-4-Methoxyaniline(SB3) , N-(Cinnamalidine)-4-methoxy aniline(SB4) and N-( Cinnamalidine)-2-methylaniline (SB5) for mild steel in HCl & H2SO4 solutions. Results of inhibition efficiencies from all the three techniques show that Schiff’s Bases are good inhibitors in both the solutions. Inhibition efficiencies increase with the increase in the concentrations of acids as well as those of inhibitors. Maximum efficiency for H2SO4 was found 97.01 % whereas for HCl it was found 97.93 % . It was also found that all the three techniques show good agreement with each other.


Corrosion; Schiff's bases; Corrosion rate; Reaction number; Surface coverage

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