Investigation of extracts of Plant Cordia Dichotoma as potential corrosion inhibitor for Mild Steel in Acid media

R Khandelwal, C Agarwal, R.K. Arora


The alcoholic extracts of fruit, leaves and stem of plant Cordia Dichotoma were studied for their corrosion inhibition efficiency for mild steel in acid media. The studies showed that the fruit extract of this plant is more potent corrosion inhibitor than the leaves and stem extratcs of Cordia dichotoma.The corrosion inhibition of mild steel  using extracts of cordia dichotoma in different acid media was investigated by mass loss method. The experiments were carried out at 299 ± 0.2 K in presence of different concentrations of  fruit, leaves and stem extracts of Cordia dichotoma. The results reveal that the alcoholic extracts of Cordia dichotoma are better corrosion inhibitor than that of toxic chemicals.


Corrosion Inhibition; Allatoin; Cordia Dichotoma

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