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Effect of temperature on structural and electrical properties of Mn0.6Zn0.2La0.2Fe2O4 Nanoferrite

Sanjeev Kumar, Gagan Kumar, Mahavir Singh


Lanthanum substituted Mn-Zn nano-ferrite with formula Mn0.6Zn0.2La0.2Fe2O4 has been synthesized by Sol-Gel auto-combustion technique. X-ray diffraction confirmed the formation of single phase spinel structure. Particle size was found to increase, 11.1-18.5 nm, with increase in temperature. TEM has been used to justify the shape and particle size with XRD. The dc resistivity of nanoferrite was studied as a function of temperature which indicates the semiconducting nature of nanoferrites. Further, high value of dc resistivity (~107 Ω-cm) was observed. Various theories and models have been used to authenticate the structure and electrical results


Ferrite; d. c. resistivity; sol-gel auto combustion technique

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