High Breakdown Voltage Analysis of DIMOSFET with Linear Doping Profile in the Drift Region for 3C-SiC Wafer

Parag parashar


The aim of the present work is to analyse 3C-SiC Double Implanted Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (DIMOSFET) with linearly graded doping profile in the drift region for high breakdown voltages. By varying the device height ‘h’ and concentration gradient ‘a’ various calculations have been made for optimum profiles with high breakdown voltages. When the device height is set at 300 µm, a maximum breakdown voltage of 280 kV has been estimated with concentration gradient ‘a’ as 66.6 * 10^16 cm^-4 and drain end doping concentration as 2*10^16 /cc. Wolfram Mathematica and Matlab have been used for various equation solving and plotting purposes.

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