Blood group and COVID-19

Association of ABO blood group and antibody class with susceptibility and severity of COVID-19 infection in Indian Population

Jyoti Taneja, Priya Bhardwaj, Sunita K Yadav, Daman Saluja


Since the COVID-19 eruption in December 2019, the investigation has been focused on its treatment and preventing the disease spread. Currently, there is no biomarker available that can predict the predisposition and severity of COVID-19 infection. In the present study, we have used the cross-sectional survey study data to decipher the association between the ABO blood group and susceptibility, severity and breakthrough COVID-19 infections. Further, we have also investigated the association between antibody class and the risk of contracting COVID-19 infection. Our results indicated that individuals with blood group B had higher susceptibility to acquire COVID-19 infection. In contrast, blood group A was found to be associated with a low risk of acquiring severe COVID-19. In addition, we did not find any correlation between ABO blood groups and breakthrough COVID-19 infections. Further, we examined the association of antibodies; anti-A (blood groups B and O) and anti-B (blood groups A and O) with COVID-19 infection. The analysis of antibody classes showed that anti-A antibody associated with a high predisposition to acquire COVID-19 infection. The present study indicates that blood group B and anti-A antibodies are associated with proneness to COVID -19 infection and severity.


ABO blood groups; COVID-19; Disease susceptibility; India; SARS-CoV-2

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