Positive Approaches to Overcoming the Stigma of Disability

Noel A. Ysasi, Roy K. Chen, Megan E. Jones


People with disabilities often face prejudice and discrimination because of their physical and/or mental deviance from norms subjectively defined by society. The stigma associated with having a disability can have a negative impact on the quality of life among this population. The purpose of this paper is to discuss theory-based strategies and approaches that people with disabilities can adopt to overcome and mitigate the adverse effects of a stigmatizing disability. Specifically, the paper uses the hope theory and positive psychology theory as foundations to pave way for weaving spiritual well-being, resilience, and optimism into psychoeducation efforts to help people with disabilities reconstruct their schemas toward the self-acceptance of disability and the empowerment of their rights to advocate for full integration in society.

Keywords: Positive psychology, resilience, stigma, disability


positive psychology, resilience, stigma, and disability

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