Legislation and the current provisions for specific Learning Disability in India- Some Observations

Puneet Sandhu



Research and advocacy in Learning Disability is still at its nascent stage in India. The census 2011 also does not enlist learning disability as a separately category of disability. So, the authentic data on the population with a learning disability is not available. As per the newspaper Tribune report1 about fifteen percent of the school-going population is having dyslexia in India. However, there are no uniform provisions for the whole country to address this issue. This paper looks at some of the difficulties in assessment and grading of Specific Learning Disability. It then focuses on the varying provisions for certification and subsequent concessions available to those who are certified. The paper is also highlighting the disparity in practices among the states and education boards. Finally, the paper emphasizes the need to strengthen the legislation to address the invisible condition of learning disability in the country.


Specific Learning Disability;assessment;legislation;certification;concession

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