Psychological correlates of wellbeing in mothers of children with intellectual disability

Rashmi Singh


Children are the perfect extension and expression of a marital relationship. The emotional preparation of expecting parents are usually shaped by an ego ideal image of a baby, discrepancy between the perfect child of their fantasy and the realisation of an exceptional real child may bring about dramatic changes in social life, expectations, plans, work life, subsided from mainstream, financial status as well as psychological health and well-being of parents specially mothers. Present study was conducted specifically to highlight the impact of gender and level of intellectual disability on self-esteem, self-efficacy and psychological well-being among mothers of intellectually disabled and non-intellectually disabled children. Results revealed gender impact and level of intellectual disability of child on psychological well-being and self-esteem of mothers. The study also identified certain group of mothers who are more in need of psychological support and guidance and suggests the necessity to realize supportive actions on the whole family by community participation for management of disabled children and their caregivers.


Intellectually disability; Well-being; Caregiver;

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ISSN: 2454-6623