Computer and mechanically assisted driving support devices for the ‘Differently-abled’ persons – a brief survey

Akhilesh K Sharma


In latest scenario, computer science and mechanical engineering joint research work proving a tremendous improvement in physical disability section. Researchers are focusing on finding modern computer controlled equipments. Locomotor disabled persons facing new challenges every day, but with the joint efforts and the latest innovations are equipping them for using much improved mechanical devices.

Applying the artificial intelligence on various devices and using the gesture control for the various equipments, the differently-abled persons will not find themselves dependent. Many of these are exceptionally good. In this research paper the study has been performed on to the disable friendly, computer controlled and mechanical device which enables the locomotor or multi organ failure disabled person to operate the four wheeler vehicle very safely and comfortably.

In our study the working system is very easy to use and provides the self controlled (using programmed computer chip) clutch mechanism. This working device  is fully safe for the  safety measures for the multi organ failure disabled person. Using this clutch operating system the driver needs to focus only on the road traffic and doesn’t needs to focus and involve frequent operating of the clutch padel, this provides the relief for the person and he just needs to draw his attention over steering control and break and speed control.


Disability, autmated vehicle support, Mechanically assisted devices

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