Evalution of Family Life Quality of Parents with Intellectual Disability Children

Çigdem Müge Hayli, Dilek Demir Kösem, Nazli Melis Misyagci


This study was conducted to evaluate the quality of family life of parents with intellectually disabled children and to emphasize its importance. It is a descriptive study. The study group of the research consisted of parents with intellectual disabilities children. The data required for the research are; It was collected by online survey (Google form) method from 300 parents who participated voluntarily and selected by simple sampling with written consent. The socio-demographic data collection form for parents and the Beach Center Family Quality of Life Scale (BCFQLS) were used to collect data, and t-tests and regression analysis were used in data analysis. It was concluded that the family quality of life perceptions of the parents participating in the study was moderate. However, it was determined that the quality of family life related to family interaction, parenting, emotional competence, physical/material/financial competence, and support for inadequacy was low. In the study, it was found that the variables of the number of children of the participating parents and the disability level of the disabled child had a significant effect on family interaction, parenting, emotional competence, financial/physical/material competence, and support for disability (p<0.05). It has been concluded that the quality of family life of the parents is affected by many variables such as the disabled status of their children. Conducting research that will increase the family life quality of parents in the field will be guiding.

Keywords: Intellectual disability, family quality of life


Disability, intellectual with children, parents, life, family quality of life

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