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Lumiscent LED

Novel Synthesis and Optical Investigations of Trivalent Europium Doped MGd2Si3O10 (M = Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+) Nanophosphors for Full-Color Displays

Devender Singh, Suman Sheoran, Sitender Singh, Ajay Mann, Anura Simantilleke, Bernabe Mari


A series of Eu3+ doped MGd2Si3O10 (M = Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+) was synthesized via sol-gel procedure at 950 oC. The optical characteristics of the materials were studied by Photoluminescence (PL) emission spectra. Upon 395 nm excitation and at 0.03 mole concentration of Eu3+ ion, these nanophosphors display optimum photoluminescence with most intense peak due to 5D0→7F2 (614-616) of dopant. Powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) analysis proves that all synthesized materials are of crystalline nature and crystallinity improves on increasing temperature. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) exhibited the spherical shape of particles in 13-30 nm size. Fourier Transformation infrared (FTIR) spectra showed peaks in 400-1000 cm-1 corresponding to gadolinium-oxygen and silicon-oxygen bond vibrations. In BaGd2Si3O10 material, Gd-O vibration is centered at 492 cm-1 and absorption band at 855 cm-1 is result of asymmetric vibrations of SiO in silicate tetrahedral unit. Due to excellent photoluminescence and suitable CIE coordinates, these materials could have brilliant applications in innovative displays.


Synthesis; MGd2Si3O10; nanophosphors; displays; luminescence; PXRD.

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