Editorial Board

Managing Editor

Dr. Bhupender Singh, Ph.D.
Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Alumni,
University of Rhode Island,
Kingston, RI, 02881. USA. Webpage

Associate Editor  

Dr. Mukesh K Pandey, Ph.D., MRSC
Radiology Department,
College of Medicine
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN, USA. Webpage


Research Interest: design, synthesis and development of molecular imaging probes to understand diseases and biological pathways at a cellular level, design and development of new PET molecular imaging probes for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and hypoxic cancers.


Dr. Hitesh K Agarwal
64 East 97th Street, Apt 3
New York, NY 10029. USA webpage   EB, R

Research Interest: heterocylic chemistry, nucleoside chemistry, prodrugs synthesis, bioconjugation chemistry, peptide synthesis, polymer conjugation, and radiolabeling synthesis.

Dr. Anil Mishra INMAS DRDO Chemical Biology Letters Editorial Member

Dr. Anil Mishra (Editor - Radiopharmaceuticals)
Associate Director and Scientist G
Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences,
Defence Research and Development Organization,
Delhi. India
E, EB, R



Research Interests: Radiopharmaceuticals, PET, Radiodiagnosis, Medicinal Chemistry, Peptide Radiopharmaceuticals, cancer diagnosis


Dr. Anjani K. TIwari
Molecular Imaging Center,
National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
Japan webpage

Research Interest: Neuroimaging, PET, Contrast Agents, Radiopharmaceuticals
















EB = Editorial Advisory Board Member, R = Reviewer