molybdenum doped glass

Dielectric Properties and equivalent circuit Analysis of molybdenum doped lead lithium borate glasses

Seema Dalal, Sunita Dahiya, Manjeet Singh Dahiya, Satish Khasa


The dielectric properties and equivalent circuit analysis of glasses with composition xPbO·(30-x)Li2O·70B2O3  (x = 0, 2, 5, 7, 10, 12  and 15 mol% with code PLBM1-7 respectively) containing 2 mol% of MoO3 prepared by melt-quench technique are discussed. The dielectric properties have been studied using impedance spectroscopy. The frequency dependent conductivity investigations for prepared compositions have been carried out using impedance spectroscopy over a frequency range of 1 KHz to 5 MHz and in the temperature range of 300K-523K. The complex impedance data have been analyzed by using both the conductivity and the electric modulus formalisms. Standard dielectric behavior is observed in prepared samples. The ac conductivity obeys Jonscher’s power law. The study of the equivalent circuit analysis up to a temperature of 473K shows a significant change in the equivalent circuit with change in temperature and composition.


Dielectric Properties; Equivalent Circuit Analysis

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