Ramgarh Lake water quality

Risk assessment and analysis of water quality in Ramgarh Lake, India

Parul Barnwal, Saurabh Mishra, S.K. Singhal


The present study intended to comprehensive analysis of water quality and human health risk assessment in water of Ramgarh Lake of Uttar Pradesh (U.P), India during the post monsoon season in year 2014. The analysis has been performed using pollution indices such as comprehensive pollution index (CPI), Carlson’s trophic state index (C-TSI), eutrophication index (EI), organic pollution index (OPI) and hazard index (HI) based on the physiochemical parameters (DO, BOD, COD etc.) for ten different sites to ascertain the quality of water for public consumption and other life supporting activities. The results indicate that the Ramgarh Lake comes under the category of severely polluted (CPI>2.0), hypereutrophic (C-TSI>70), eutrophication (EI>1) and heavily organic pollutant load (OPI>4). Therefore, the water of Lake is not suitable for irrigation and life supporting for flora and fauna. From the present study, it has been analyzed that the CPI, OPI, EI, CTSI and HI are the best indices for assessment of human health risk and water quality in the water bodies.


Ramgarh Lake; water quality; risk assessment; CPI; HI

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