Impact of biodiesel on Combustion, Performance and Exhaust Emissions of Diesel Engines

Prem Kumar, M P Sharma, Gaurav Dwivedi


In view of the fast depletion of fossil fuel, the search for alternative fuels has become inevitable. Looking at huge demand of diesel for transportation, captive power generation and agricultural sector, the biodiesel is being viewed a substitute of diesel. The performance of diesel engine under the engine loading conditions showed that maximum output power at full load condition is nearly same for B10 and diesel fuel. For combustion characteristics, slightly shorter ignition delay and lower peak heat release rates were observed for biodiesel while there is slight reduction in SO2 and HC emission with increase in NOX emission when biodiesel and its blends are used. The present paper covers combustion, performance, and emission characteristics of biodiesel and its blends with diesel. The performance of diesel engines using biodiesel and its blends with petro-diesel in terms of brake power, torque, brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), thermal efficiency (BTE) and exhaust emissions is reviewed. The engine problems and their possible remedial measure are also suggested in this paper.


Biodiesel; Diesel; Performance; Combustion; Emissions; Engine

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