Chambal River Water Quality

Ecological Health Assessment of Chambal River using Water Quality Parameters

Naresh Singh Yadav, Amit Kumar, M.P. Sharma


The river is a main source to fulfill the basic needs of drinking water & irrigation. Due to multifarious anthropogenic activities has created havoc to the river health. Therefore, it is imperative to assess the river health to make it suitable for various purposes. In this study, various water quality indices (WQI) used for assessing river health are discussed. The literature reveals that water quality parameters are the most significant tool to assess the river health. In this paper an attempt has been made to assess the river health by using different methods viz. EQI, RPI & OPI. It is found that the RPI method is most effective, less time consuming and cost effective. By using different methods, it is found that the river health of Chambal River comes in average category, gives an indication that river is slightly/moderately polluted


Chambal River; parameters; river health; indices

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