Small room cooling with water

Evaluation of cooling efficiency improvement of the simple office for small factories using heat dissipation with cold water circulation

Dong-Hyun Cho


This study was conducted to implement the improvement of heating efficiency by the cold water flowing in the X-L pipes inside the walls of a small room according to changes in the mass flow rate of the cold water. More comfortable cooling, which is also beneficial to health, was implemented. The radiant heat transfer cooling was implemented with the absorption of heat energy by the cold water flowing in the X-L pipes inside the walls of the small room without any movement or circulation of the air existing in the interior space of the room. In addition, this study significantly reduced heat energy consumption for radiant cooling and manufacturing costs by investigating accessories for cooling devices suitable for a room not larger than six square meter. As the flow rate of the cold water increased, the heating efficiency of the small room improved proportionally.


Heating Efficiency; Polyethylene Tubes; Flow Rate; Wellbeing Cooling; Absorption; Thermal Energy

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