old age home design

Evaluation of spatial hierarchy in the Elderly Nursing facility according to the Circulating Flow system

Hyunmin Lee, Heangwoo Lee


Recently, various and diverse problems related to the elderly have emerged due to the rapid increase of the elderly population. Various studies have been conducted and various attempts are being made to solve these problems. As one of these attempts, the wards of elderly nursing homes are providing the elderly with sociality and autonomy through a circular movement system. This study is to build basic data that can be used to design the wards of elderly nursing homes by performing a quantitative analysis on the wards of elderly nursing homes which have a circular movement system. The analysis of this study results the J-Graph for the analysis target which shows a shallow annular J-graph type with a spatial depth of 7 or 8. This is because of the results of reflecting the design intention to increase the sociality and autonomy of the elderly by applying a circular movement system.


Elderly Care Facility; Circulation; Space cognition; Space syntax; J-Graph

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