smart plant in Industry 4.0

A study on the internal and external factors influencing smart plant construction in perspective of fourth Industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)

Wonjong Kim, Hyun-chul Jang, Battumur Gerelmaa, Gantumur Khongorzul


This study aims to identify the key factors in Smart Plant construction. In this point, the factors which show influences on expectations for competitiveness were adapted from the previous studies, including organizational factors, technical factors, and environmental factors. In addition, the organizational factors are divided into two sub-dimensions, including leadership of top management, and competency development of organizational members. On the other hand, technical factors are divided into two sub-dimensions, including technology relevance, and risk-taking, while environmental factors consist of government support and influence of business partners. For the empirical study, a survey method has been conducted. To examine the research hypotheses, survey data have been gathered from employees in the related field and the factors have been analyzed by exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and correlation analysis. Finally, the hypotheses were tested with structural equation model. The results of the study are expected to suggest academic and practical implications to the Smart Plant field.


Industrial Policy 4.0; Industry; Factory Design; Development; Core Factors; Survey; Industrial Plant;

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