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Effect of processing on total and extractable mineral content of products developed using potato flour, defatted soy flour and corn flour

Poonam Lakra, Salil Sehgal, Indu Nashier Gahlawat


In the present study the technique for the development of potato flour was standardised. The developed potato flour along with defatted soy flour and corn flour was used for preparing five products viz. cake, biscuit, weaning food, panjiri and ladoo. Baking and roasting were the major processing techniques used for the development of these products. Protein, ash and fat contents of potato flour was almost similar to those of raw potatoes. Among the developed products significant differences in protein, ash and fat contents was observed. Processing did not affect the total mineral content of the developed products. The developed products had higher mineral availability compared to the raw products. These developed products can be instrumental in alleviating mineral deficiencies.


Potato flour; Soy flour, Corn flour; Baking; Roasting; Mineral Availability

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