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Development of Red Seaweed extracted film for energy saving Batteries

M Nithya, M Alagar, B Sundaresan


Red seaweed extract, kappa-carrageenan (KC) is used to fabricate a flexible battery with an ammonium salt. A combination of the film was successfully synthesized by the Solution Casting technique. The prepared eco-friendly film is subjected to ionic conductivity study, transference number studies, and then the high response film is used to fabricate battery. The highest ionic conductivity value for 1gm kappa-carrageenan with 200 mg NH4Cl is 1.81× 10-4 S/cm. The highest conducting seaweed extract film transference numbers are very close to unity. By using this biopolymer film, the fabricated biopolymer battery generates the maximum of open-circuit voltage is 2.41V. By using this proton ion battery we can replace liquid ion battery and solid ion battery. Also, the film is easily biodegradable and not at all generate e-waste.


Red seaweeds extract; Kappa-carrageenan; Flexible film; Conductivity,;Battery fabrication;

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