Public Conversations: A Model for Supporting Equitable Change in Policy and Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Mayra Lopez Humphreys, Paul Archibald, Selena T. Rodgers


Throughout the United States, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) continue to experience inequities in educational, employment and community outcomes. Drawing upon the World Café process, an asset-based approach, this article presents study findings from a Public Conversation for Change (PCC) forum with 73 stakeholders living on Staten Island, New York. Data analysis revealed three themes that identified domains of critical importance in promoting local and equitable change for residents with IDD: (a) Community Awareness & Allyship, (b) Housing Resources & Employment Services, and (c) Collaboration, not Isolation. The need for integrated voices of people with IDD plays a critical role in the PCC forums. This study offers recommendations for hosting spaces that seek to leverage change to inequities experienced by historically marginalized populations.

Keywords: Community conversations, intellectual, developmental disabilities, policy, promoting change, deliberation, dialogue


community conversations, intellectual and developmental disabilities, policy, promoting change, deliberation and dialogue

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