Acceptance of Inclusive Health and Rehabilitation Services Running Government Health Complexes in Bangladesh

Md Jamal Uddin


Background: The concept of inclusive Health & Rehabilitation is new in the context of Bangladesh, as here these services are separately delivered by the authority at government health complexes by the initiatives of NGO. Purpose: The main objective of this study was to explore the acceptance of inclusive health and rehabilitation program among the beneficiaries, government and non-government stakeholder in 3 districts of Bangladesh. Methods: Cross-sectional in-depth interviews have been conducted to collect information from 100 participants (including Patients, caregivers, professionals). Both qualitative and quantitative data have been collected by following a structured & semi-structured questionnaire and data analysis done by SPSS. Results: In order to avail inclusive health and rehabilitation services for the patients, different types of perceptions ranging from 0-100% have been found from the respondents. Discussion: The study mainly finds out the acceptance, understanding, and recommendations for further development of the Health and Rehabilitation program running in government health complexes. Conclusion and Recommendation: The reorientation of health services towards a social model of disability, health issue needs to consider as rights of persons with disabilities and involve Rehabilitation professionals in hospital settings to ensure comprehensive health and rehabilitation services for the persons with disabilities


Inclusive Health, Rehabilitation, Government health services, Persons with disabilities

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