Fabrication and characterization of carbon nanotubes-based Polymer nanocomposites

Ajay Sharma, Rakesh Kumar


Polymer nanocomposites are used in different application such as load bearing, aerospace and biomedical etc. Present work describes the fabrication and preparation of carbon nanotubes based polymer nanocomposites by an injection molding machine. Multi walled carbon nanotubes reinforcement was mixed with pure polymer (high density polyethylene) of injection moulding grade matrix. The resultant matrix shows remarkable strength as compare to pure material due to material behaves like as composites. The carbon nano fluid was mixed with HDPE pellets for CNT coated HD PE pellets. This coated pellets used as raw material for an injection molding to form “dog bone shaped†CNT/HDPE tensile specimens of  dimensions 120 mm long, 2 mm thick according to ASTM. Different weight fraction of CNT were mixed with pure material and improvement in the strength, toughness, young modulus, stiffness etc. were studied using universal testing machines, Scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopic. It was concluded that the composites have higher mechanical properties compared to pure material.


A.CNT, B. PE, C. Injection molding machine, D. Instron UTM

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